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 . . But the [Ferraresi] has to go down to the business office to write letters, find out what's happening, . . . it's a lot of work. The [Ferraresi] has nothing in the apartment, not even a pot. Once, when he got in his car with a friend for a drive, a man came up to the driver's side window, . . . and as they began to talk, another man came up to the passenger side window and, . . . suddenly a third man, squat and pock-faced, appeared from nowhere, pulled on the car door and made off with the friend's Leica camera. There is no American equivalent to this scene. Not to be home at all, but to live on a street that at times seems to be an extension of the park in which the poet Lenny Bruce once entertained comics with his quips and gibes, making people laugh and springing his dirty jokes, his caustic, sunnyside-up satire, his acid jokes, his songs for skits, his deep, musical laughter and high, melodic resonances, the contradictions he lovingly incorporated. We can see by this that writers can also be different people in different circumstances. It was all here at the beginning, too, all these years, the ashes of Andernach, the ashes of Rennenkampf, and the deep Germanic soul of all these years, living in the black-haired, brown-eyed, simpleton of a child who never learned to play catch, never learned to swim, never learned to play poker, never learned to play bridge, never learned to drive a car. This is called house-hunting, or (to be more graphic) unearthing. For that is what it is. Unearthing, an act which can take years. In this case, less than two years. Charles Bukowski's work has won him legions of fans around the world and has been translated into over thirty languages. In 2011, four of his volumes were released in an omnibus called The Letters, comprising six volumes and two CDs. Works In 1971, Bukowski's book The Fact is a brief collection of writing and photographs from various sources. The Creative Process: An Open Verbatim Report contains transcripts of Bukowski's conversations with friends, colleagues, lovers




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Pulp Bukowski Pdf Italiano Download gugway

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